V.I. Zhdanov. CLASSICAL THEORY OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. Microscopic theory. K.: NTUU “KPI”, 2014. – 84 P.

This book contains matters on classical electrodynamics within the course of theoretical physics for 3-year students of Physico-Technical faculty of National Technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnical Institute”. This is a first part of a planned three-volume edition including: P.1. Microscopic theory, P.2. Special relativity and four dimensional formulation of electrodynamics (published in 2008 as a part of a book by author “Introduction to the Relativity Theory”), P.3. Elements of electrodynamics of continuous media. The book presents main notions of classical electrodynamics, Maxwell’s equations, their principal properties and solutions, processes of emission and scattering, free fields and their characteristics. In the book there are examples of tasks and questions for self-help and reference materials.

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